NPK Industries Promis In Stock!

promisTired of bugs attacking your crop? Pick up some Promis from NPK Industries!  This systemic pesticide is taken up via the roots of your plant, and effectively kills mites, aphids, and thrips.  Our customers who have already picked this up are raving about its effectiveness! Come in today, and start protecting your harvest from destructive pests!

Cyco Ryzofuel Is In Stock!!!



Cyco Ryzofuel is here!!! Cyco’s powerful root stimulant is finally available in the US, and you know we’ve got it in stock. Head in today, & complete your Cyco regimen! Mention this post, and get an additional 10% off our already low price through the end of August! #hydro #hydroponics #horticulture #gardening #indoorgardening #growers #growersunite #growyourown #nutes #roots #cyco #ryzofuel

Cyco Platinum Series Nutrients


Hey all,

Just wanted to take a minute to tell you about a nutrient line that we here at PCHydro really stand behind: the Cyco Platinum Series.  The Cyco Platinum Series is a 12 part, pharmaceutical grade synthetic nutrient system that was developed in Australia.  If you run their full line, and follow their recommended feeding schedule, you will see amazing results in your flowers.  We have gotten some of our best clients to give the Cyco Platinum Series a test run, and 95% of them have made the switch after seeing the results for themselves.  The Cyco line is competitively priced, and less expensive than many comparable nutrient lines.  It can be used in both soil and hydroponic systems, and they even have a nutrient calculator app for your iPhone.  If  you’re not ready to pick up the full line, a great way to see if Cyco is the line for you is to pick up the Grow A & B, the B-1 Boost, and the Dr. Repair.  You’ll see amazing results in the vegetative stage.  Of course, the best value is to pick up the Pro Kit, which contains a liter of everything in the nutrient line (except the ultra-concentrated Cyco XL-that bottle is 100ml, as you use hardly any when mixing).  Pick up some Cyco today, and watch your garden flourish!

New Items Added To Our Clearance Section!



Good afternoon, growers! Our quest to move out old inventory continues! Above, you’ll find selections that have recently been added to our clearance section. Do some comparisons of your own. We’re confident that you’re not going to find a better deal. Head in today, or log on to, and get some of those big ticket items you’ve had your eye on at a fraction of the price! #hydro #hydroponics #gardening #indoorgardening #horticulture #growers #growyourown #fans #filters #nutes #ROSystems #CO2GeneratorsSee More



STORE-WIDE Savings At!!!

The gloves are off, growers! We’ve got inventory to flip, and that means you’ll have more money left in your pocket after you checkout at! We’re talking about STORE-WIDE markdowns, everything from ballasts, bulbs & hoods to …your favorite nutrient line. Timers? Yup, they’re marked down. Pumps? You bet. Whatever your garden is missing, head over to and save yourself some real money, because this is a while supplies last sale. What are you waiting for?! #hydro #hydroponics #horticulture #gardening #indoorgardening #growers #growyourown #lighting #nutes #whilesupplieslast

Insane Deals In The PCHydro eBay Store!!!

Happy Saturday, growers! I wanted to take a minute and tell you about our new PCHydro ebay store. We are taking all the items on clearance, and blowing them out on our ebay store. These are BRAND NEW nutes, fans, CO2 generators, ballasts—all with FREE shipping, and the lowest prices you’ll find on ebay!!! We have 60 listings so far, and are adding new items daily. This could be your opportunity to get that product you’ve had your eye on for a while, at a fraction of what you were expecting to spend. Check it out today, because once these products are gone, they’re gone for good!

Free Canna Boost!

Get yourself some free nutrients! Canna Nutrients is raffling off forty two bottles of Boost to customers, that means you! All you have to do is fill out a simple questionnaire on their website to get your chance to win a bottle of their incredibly potent fertilizer.

Canna Boost Raffle
Canna Boost 1 Liter

Click here to go to Canna’s official web page about the raffle! And here’s a link to Canna Boost on our web store where you can purchase it for the best price around.

Boost increases the plant’s flowering potential. It increases flower size and fragrance. It compliments the Canna Coco or Aqua line very well by providing the plant with additional energy that can increase it’s resistance to pathogens and pests.

ZymeTime: Cannazym, EcoZen, & The Benefit of Enzymes

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about enzymes, and the essential role they play in your garden.  Enzymes are essential to all living organisms, because, in layman’s terms, they speed up reactions.  They play a vital role in our own digestive process.  Their benefit to your garden is that they help your plants convert dead root material into minerals and sugars, both of which are beneficial nutrients to your plants and the soil environment.  In a healthy root environment, when roots die, they are replaced by new roots.  The remains from the dead roots provide a haven for pathogenic molds and substances that are toxic to your plants.  In addition to breaking the dead roots down, enzymes facilitate the exchange of nutrients and vitamins with the roots, resulting in an increased absorption capacity.  A good enzyme nutrient’s ability to break down dead roots is also beneficial to growers who want to reuse their grow medium.  Simply flush the used soil with a medium amount of your enzyme nutrient to clean out dead plant material and built up nutrient salts.  While there are several enzyme nutrients available on the market, we here at PCHydro feel that two specific products stand out:  Canna’s Cannazym, and Aptus Plant Tech’s EcoZen.  Check them out!!!  We hope this has been helpful.  Happy growing!!!!